Supporting TMSC/TMA

This is an invitation to join us as we move forward into a new age of discovery and technological innovation.  Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy has provided a vital role in education since it’s founding in 1967.  Our philosophy of learning by doing, applying the latest scientific concepts and using the very technologies we teach about to teach with, has been unwavering as we confront the difficult challenges facing education today.  We have embarked on a new era with a new far reaching Strategic Plan, a plan that incorporates new technology, replacement of infrastructure and improvement of our mission and it’s outreach to our students and the education community.

Talcott provides a one-of-a-kind learning environment where students and teachers learn together through an, integrated, real World based and dynamic approach.  Your donations help Talcott to play a seminal role in the future of students and teachers while improving education for everyone. “Your child can make a difference in the future of the World.  We can make a difference in the future of your child”

I thank you in advance for your generous support helping to make Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy a unique learning institution and a World-class education facility.

Jonathan R. Craig
Executive Director




THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM  "Tilting a few windmills"

Almost a half century ago on a barren wind swept mountain top an impossible dream was born. 

A vision of a handful of dedicated education and community pioneers who dared to tilt a few windmills, and like the iconic and uquixotic hero from La  Mancha, reached for the stars,

On October first, 1967 the dream became a realty,

With the cooperation and support of local and federal assistance the impetus for the creation of a unique educational institution began.

It's goal was to help close the gap seemingly created by the launching of "Sputnik"' and the fear of falling behind the Russians in the space race and the frigid atmosphere of the cold war.

The mission of the science center and its model academy for "intellectually excited youngsters"  is to provide the latest technology and instructional environment for these eager learners.

We must invent the future or most assuredly it will invent us.

H.G. Wells, once said that "history is a race between education and catastrophe."

We are betting on education and with your help we intend to succeed.  

– Don La Salle, TMSC Co-Founder, TMA Founder and Talcott Mountain President Emeritus